December, 2019 Vegetarian course

2019.12 前菜3種

December, 2019   Vegetarian-course


1st. Appetizer Todays appetizer

IngredientsVegetables of the day.


2nd. Appetizer Assorted appetizer

Ingredients>・Romaine lettuce, Shiitake-mushroom, Mizuna green

Lotus root, Deep fried tofu, Hijiki seaweed

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Special handmade miso


Soup : Clear soup

IngredientsTaro dumpling, Carrot, Japanese parsley, Dried seaweed


Special vegetable dishSteamed deep-fried tofu and vegetables

IngredientsDeep-fried tofu, Radish, Trumpet mushroom,

Radish sprout

Deep-flied vegetableDeep-fried vegetable

<Ingredients>Dried persimmon, Walnuts, Potato


Steamed dishSteamed vegetables with Chinese cabbage paste

IngredientsRadish, Carrot, Sweet and sour sauce, Squash,

                             Chinese cabbage, Mustard


Simmered dishSimmered vegetables with miso

IngredientsShimonita leek, Radish, Japanese mustard spinach,

Yuba(tofu skin), Yuzu citron, Miso


Pot cooked RiceMiso-soupVegetable pickles

Ingredients>(RiceAzuki beans, Burdock, Chinese yam,

                                           Deep-fried tofu

              Miso soup &PicklesVegetables of the day

DessertMonaka(wafers filled with sweet

                            bean paste)

IngredientsRice wafers, Sweet bean paste,

                 Yuzu citron, Apple, Orange, Kuzu starch

This course are cooked with special

  konbu kelp and vegetable base soup.