Non-vegetarian Course in November 2022


Course Menu for November 2022

        Non-vegetarian course (Minoya course)


1st appetizers》 Steamed burdock with sansho and grated radish.

5 kinds of 2nd appetizers

l  Lotus root, potherb mustard, shimeji mushroom and cabbage with sesame paste.

l  Pickled pumpkin, turnip and avocado with wasabi.

l  Marinated persimmon, tofu and cauliflower.

l  Potato dumplings with fried spinach and onion with mustard.

l  Grilled shiso leaves with ginkgo nut and yuzu miso.

SoupSoup of Japanese parsley, shiitake mushroom, yam and bean sprout.

Grilled dish》 Grilled radish, garland chrysanthemum and enoki mushroom with grated yam wrapped in nori.

 Sauteed radish's peel, carrot and kiriboshi-daikon(thinly sliced and dried strips of daikon).

Simmmered dishSimmered taro, broccoli and leeks in miso with soy milk cheese.

 Soy milk cheese is 100% plant-based.

(The bowl is hot, so please be careful.)

Japanese mixed riceRice cooked with Chinese cabbage, burdock root and

deep-fried tofu.

DessertApple yokan (sweet bean jelly).