April, 2020 Non-vegetarian couse


April, 2020   Non vegetarian-course


1st. Appetizer Todays appetizer

IngredientsVegetables of the day.


2nd. Appetizer Assorted appetizer

Ingredients>・Burdock, Cauliflower, Snap peas,

                               Sesame&Mustard paste

Turnip, Celery, Green peas, Seasonal onion,

Sweeted vinegar, YUZU citron

Broad bean, Butterbur, NORI(seaweed), Wasabi paste

Soup : Pureed soup of vegetable

IngredientsSpinach, Soy milk, Grilled Shiitake mushroom,

Deep-flied burdock

Fish & Vegetable dishStewed firefly squid and vegetables

IngredientsFirefly squid, Bamboo shoots, Carrot, Green onion,

                            Trumpet mushroom, Special make vegetable MISO


Deep-flied vegetableDeep-flied vegetables rolled with deep-fried tofu

<Ingredients>Asparagus, Chinese yam, Spicy tofu paste, Deep-flied tofu


Steamed dishSteamed savory japanese pancake without flour

IngredientsCabbage, broccoli, Enoki mushroom, Soy beans,

 Ginger flavored starchy sauce


Simmered dishSimmered freeze-dried tofu and seaweed, vegetables

IngredientsFreeze-dried tofu, Kelp, Radish, Split pea, Green onion


Pot cooked RiceMiso-soupVegetable pickles

Ingredients>(RicePotato, Plum flavored hijiki(seaweed), Peas

              Miso soup &PicklesVegetables of the day


DessertStrawberry soft jam and rice flour cookie

IngredientsStrawberry, Kudzu starch,

 Rice powder, Sesame paste,

 Japanese yam