February, 2020 Vegetarian course


February, 2020   Vegetarian-course


1st. Appetizer Todays appetizer

IngredientsVegetables of the day.


2nd. Appetizer Assorted appetizer

Ingredients>・Turnip, Broccoli, Green onion, Umeboshi(salt pickled


Freeze dried tofu, Shiitake mushroom, Carrot, Soy

Beans, Vinegar

Bamboo shoot, Olive oil

Soup : Clear soup

IngredientsPotato, Spinach, Green onion


Special vegetable dishDeep fried tofu & Spring vegetable salad

IngredientsDeep fried tofu, Japanese pepper, Seasonal onions,

Trumpet mushroom, Butterbur shoot, Mizuna greens,

Dried seaweed, Lemon juice

Deep-flied vegetableFried spring vegetable

<Ingredients>Spring vegetables, lotus root


Steamed dishSteamed vegetables & vegetables with olive oil

IngredientsChinese cabbage, Maitake mushroom, Tofu, Olive oil

                             Green onion


Simmered dishSimmered vegetables with grated radish

IngredientsTaro, Squash, Japanese parsley, Bean sprout,

Enoki mushroom, Grated radish, Japanese ginger


Pot cooked RiceMiso-soupVegetable pickles

Ingredients>(RiceFreeze dried radish, Carrot, Burdock,

Deep fried tofu

              Miso soup &PicklesVegetables of the day

DessertRice flour crepe

IngredientsRice flour, Lemon flavored rice cake, Strawberry sauce

This course are cooked with special

  konbu kelp and vegetable base soup.