January, 2020 Vegetarian course


January, 2020   Vegetarian-course


1st. Appetizer Todays appetizer

IngredientsVegetables of the day.


2nd. Appetizer Assorted appetizer

Ingredients>・Colza blossom, Cauliflower, Mizuna green, Mustard

Turnip, Carrot, Yuzu citron, Vinegar

Ginkgo nuts, Black soybean, Rice cake

Soup : Clear soup

IngredientsGoma-dofu(Crushed sesame seeds boiled in water and

 chilled like tofu), Japanese mustard spinach, Shiitake-



Special vegetable dishJapanese soba made with vegetables

IngredientsRadish, Brown seaweed, Nameko-mushroom,

Green onion


Deep-flied vegetableVegetable tempura

<Ingredients>Seasonal vegetables


Steamed dishSteamed vegetables with ginger starchy sauce

IngredientsLotus root, Taro, Green onion, Japanese pepper,



Simmered dishSimmered vegetables with grated radish and chili

IngredientsBurdock, Yam, Garland chrysanthemum,



Pot cooked Rice for VeganMiso-soupVegetable pickles

Ingredients>(RiceRed beans, Taro, Deep-fried tofu

              Miso soup &PicklesVegetables of the day

DessertRice cake

IngredientsRice cake , Sweet bean paste,

                   Kumquat, Walnut

This course are cooked with special

  konbu kelp and vegetable base soup.