July 2023 Short Course Menu

2023年 7月 / July, 2023 ショートコントメニュー (Short course menu)


前菜3 kinds of 1st appetizers


Boiled komatsuna, bitter gourd and King trumpet mushroom

with mustard.



simmered wax gourd with amazake.(Amazake is a drink prepared

 from fermented sweet rice.)


・ズッキーニ、もやし、エノキの米粉焼き 黒酢掛け

zucchini, bean sprouts and enoki mushrooms baked with rice powder and served with black vinegar.


野菜そばVegetable Soba Noodles

季節の野菜の天ぷら2種をのせた 野菜そば

Vegetable soba with two kinds of seasonal vegetable tempura




Vegetable soba is a dish of vegetables cut into thin strips

in the shape of soba noodles. No buckwheat flour is used.


蒸物Steamed dish

枝豆とピーマン入り焼き芋まんじゅう蒸し 銀あん掛け

steamed baked sweet potato bun with edamame and green bell pepper

with starchy sauce.


食事Japanese mixed rice

ささがきゴボウと油揚げの炊き込みご飯味噌汁 漬物

使用米:山形県庄内地方産 特別栽培米  『雪若丸』


Rice cooked with Shaved burdock and deep-fried tofu

in earthenware potmiso soup & pickles

Rice used:Yamagata rice "Yukiwakamaru”

Rice can be refilled.



白桃の葛入り寒天 ミントシロップ掛け

Kuzu agar with white peaches in mint syrup.