Non-vegetarian Course in January 2023


Course Menu for January 2023

        Non-vegetarian course (Minoya course)


1st appetizersGrilled Shimonita leek with soy milk cheese.

(Soy milk cheese is 100% plant-based.)

5 kinds of 2nd appetizers

l  Chinese cabbage, shiitake mushroom and garland chrysanthemum with sesame oil.

l  Cauliflower, lotus root and dried persimmon with yuzu kosho(citrus chili paste).

l  Sushi roll with komatsuna, walnuts, yam and millet.

l  Kiriboshi-daikon(thinly sliced and dried strips of daikon) cabbage roll with sesame paste.

l  Taro,konjac(Konjac is jelly made from konjac yam routs.)and grilled tofu dressed with sweet miso paste.

SoupClear soup of grated yam rolled turnip, liliy burb and mitsuba.

Grilled dish》 Simmered radish wrapped with carrots and served with avocado, spinach and onion starchy sauce.

Steamed dishSteamed baked sweet potato with potherb mustard and mustard.

Japanese mixed riceRice cooked with soybeans, peas, adzuki beans and

deep-fried tofu in earthenware pot.

DessertMonaka with strawberry & Monaka with kumquat.