July, 2020 Vegetarian course


January, 2020   Vegetarian-course


1st. Appetizer Todays appetizer

IngredientsVegetables of the day.


2nd. Appetizer Assorted appetizer

Ingredients>・Zucchini, Shimeji mushroom, Lettuce, Tofu

Squash, Carrot, Green pepper

Baby corn, Sweet potato, Tomato sauce

Soup : Pureed vegetable soup

IngredientsEdamame(Green soybeans), Moroheiya, Green onion,

  Nori(Dreid seaweed)


Special vegetable dishRolled vegetables& Tofu and deep-fried

IngredientsTrumpet mushroom, Tofu, Potato, Shishito(Green pepper),

Nori(Dried Seaweed)


Deep-flied vegetableVegetable tempura

<Ingredients>Pickled shallots, Shiitake mushroom, Green shiso,

                            Umeboshi(Pickled plums)


Steamed dishSteamed vegetables with grated radish

Ingredients Eggplant, Burdock, Yellow paprika, Grated radish,

                             Ponzu(soy sauce with citrus juice)


Simmered dishSimmered vegetables and tofu with starchy sauce

Ingredients Winter melon, Okura, enoki mushroom, Snow pea, 

Deep-fried tofu


Pot cooked RiceMiso-soupVegetable pickles

Ingredients>(RiceCorn, Red beans, Burdock

              Miso soup &PicklesVegetables of the day


DessertSweet bean and Peach paste jelly

IngredientsPeach, Lemon, White bean paste, Agar

This course are cooked with special

  konbu kelp and vegetable base soup.